Corporate and Workplace Training

Police De Escalation Training Leadership Development

Diversity Training for Law Enforcement and Police

The unique role of law enforcement officials in any community makes cross-cultural understanding imperative. In addition to the need to ensure officer-to-officer sensitivity, to accurately represent its constituents, law enforcement officials need understanding, respect, and a willingness to communicate with all segments of the population.

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Workplace Anti Bullying Training and Anti Harassment Program

Workplace Bullying/Harassment Training Program

Bullying is a form of health ­harming behavior (physical, verbal, written, social and/or electronic) by one or more individuals that is intentional, and persistent. Since there is an imbalance of power, it is often threatening and creates a hostile workplace.

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How Can I Bring Diversity Training to Colleges and Universities

Workplace Diversity Training Program

CMI will provide you organization with a training session(s) on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion. The training curriculum will provide participants with the necessary awareness, content knowledge, and skills to help foster staff development and mutual respect when exploring issues of diversity.

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Importance of Diversity Training Activities in the Workplace and Business

Leadership Training for Staff & Managers

CMI’s approach to leadership training is to help staff & managers understand very clearly the organization’s goals for individual and team success. During the training sessions, CMI trainers will work with to create a plan that aligns with your organization’s values and builds on their individual and group strengths.

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Team Building Diversity Training the Office

Team Building in the Work Place

The goal of the CMI Team Training program is to provide a set of skills that members of your team can use to become positive agents of change in the culture of their office. This workshop will develop skills for serving on a winning team, department or organization through the empowerment process.

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