About the Ceceilyn Miller Institute

Dedicated to the cause of social justice and leadership development, CMI training programs empower participants to function more effectively as people and communities.

We work with primary, secondary, and higher education institutions, as well as public and private community-based organizations, and in the workplace. CMI collaboratively identifies the needs and goals of our clients. Based on this information we develop comprehensive, customized programs that help effect long lasting change within our clients’ organizations. With an established track record of success, CMI leadership and diversity training programs inspire, engage, and educate participants of diverse ages and backgrounds.

CMI is committed to helping groups create the kind of climate that fosters a sense of community and belonging. We help to empower the individuals we work with to create an environment based on mutual respect, trust and collaboration, fully valuing and supporting each member of the group. Members share complementary values and goals and are aware of the conscious process of building and learning together.