Training for K-12 Students

Middle School & High School Peer Mediator Training

Middle School & High School Peer Mediation

Schools we work with consistently experience a dramatic increase in mediation utilization with a simultaneous decrease in conflicts requiring administrative intervention. Peer mediation programs in high schools are an extremely effective method to reduce verbal and physical conflict and to improve overall school climate.

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Peer Leadership Training Programs

Peer Leadership Training

The workshop consists of boundary-breaking, experiential activities that help participants learn about themselves and each other. Participants will be led through a customized structured sequence of activities that promote the development of trust and safety within the group.

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In-Service Anti Bullying Training

Bullying Prevention Training

Focusing on the role bullying plays in our schools, this training session will educate and engage students about the myths and facts of bullying, helping them to differentiate teasing from bullying and tattling from reporting. The training also focuses on identifying bullying behaviors, as well as the roles played by targets and bystanders.

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Diversity Training for Student Leaders Development Program

Diversity Training for Students

The diversity training program is based on a carefully designed sequence of experiential learning activities. The initial activities help students meet each other and feel more comfortable together. In addition, CMI facilitators help the students design their own group norms to create a safe and supportive group culture.

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