Police De Escalation Training Leadership Development

Police Diversity Training

Today, most of the police and public officials are required to undergo some level of engagement, policing strategies and diversity training to prevent any uproar of incidents like shooting. Most of public official as well as police create some effort to address this kind of community problems to ensure they will improve the trust of the people to police, legitimacy, establish good culture that is accountable and at the same time increase the transparency.

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Diverse Leadership Training for Executives

Leadership Training

Today, there are lots of companies who have the ability to create good leadership training to all executive that will help them meet their development goals. Through this leadership training, most of the managers and executive professionals will help themselves to advance their career to seek for new insight about the current complex challenges.

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Peer Leadership Training Programs

Implicit Bias Training

CMI will provide your organization with training and facilitation sessions on the topic of Implicit Bias. The training curriculum will provide participants with the necessary awareness, content knowledge, and skills to help foster staff development and mutual respect when exploring issues of diversity. This experiential workshop will provide participants with the necessary awareness, content knowledge, […]

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