Inclusion Leadership for Student Leaders

This interactive session will explore the different skills needed for student leaders to become elements of social change on their campus and student organizations. Through a series of experiential activities, the participants will work to establish an understanding of the “Relational Leadership” approach. The Relational Leadership centers around a T.E.A.M. approach to group successes. Participants understand how their interactions and relationships with each other have a large impact on their organization and the campus community.

The workshop consists of boundary-breaking, experiential activities that help participants learn about themselves and each other. Participants will be led through a customized structured sequence of activities that promote the development of trust and safety within the group. Utilizing discussions and unique activities, the participants will increase their self-awareness, and share thoughts and feelings regarding topics such as servant-leadership, organization vision, and goal setting.

The following are the programs learning outcomes:

  • Content knowledge regarding theories & values of leadership, as well as the applicable terminology.
  • Critical intrapersonal and interpersonal skills (e.g. self-awareness, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and empathy) for working effectively with groups.
  • Participation in experiential activities that enhance self-knowledge, team-building and leadership awareness
  • Content knowledge regarding theories & values of conflict, as well as the applicable terminology.
  • Focus on best practices to student retention & engagement